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oyster knife

oyster knife

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Getting started
Blades made in Thiers and handle in La Rochelle


[D]Member knives have steel blades made in Thiers, France, while their handle is made from recycled materials.

Shipping & returns

The delivery period is 24-48 hours from the date of shipment. Returns will only be accepted in cases where there has been a problem during transport or if the package has not been opened.


To determine which size is right for you, please consult the size guide available on this page.


Do not put the knives in the dishwasher. A simple wipe on the blade after use is enough to maintain it.

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  • grab the knife

    Take the knife with the intended hand. Hold the handle firmly, rest your index finger against the knife and your thumb on the flat part of the blade.

  • Slide the blade

    Slide the blade into the oyster, taking advantage of its solidity, you can perform a lever movement with ease.

  • Cut the nerve

    Slide the blade from left to right in order to open the shell.

  • Faire levier

    Faites levier avec la lame pour détacher la partie supérieure du coquillage. Votre huitre est prête il ne vous reste qu'à la déguster.

Deux couteaux à huitre en coquillage sur un bloc de bois

The concept

Our knives were born from a need for solidity and ease. They are designed to be ergonomic and safe. Each knife will fit naturally in the palm of your hand.